Beeara Teaching Self Care Class
A 2-Part Workshop with Beeara Edmonds, LMT*

Address Everyday Symptoms of Pain and Disease & Potentially cut down on Medical Costs for Yourself and Family or Clients

In a supportive and nurturing environment, learn techniques that can help you activate your own healing capacities. Primary focus will be placed on Jin Shin Tara, a form of acupressure that utilizes oriental energy points similar to those used in acupuncture. It is a gentle, effective resource that helps us deeply connect with ourselves, enabling us to tap into our innate body/inner wisdom. We’ll also learn some self massage techniques and creative relaxation & visualization exercises.

Learn to address little aches and pains as well as more ingrained patterns and difficulties. This material can easily be applied to clients or loved ones in a therapeutic application and is foundational learning for the teachings of The Tara Approach (see

November 21st & December 12th, 1 – 5 p.m.                                                                                      Cost: $85

Massage Therapy CE’s available. Please contact instructor about this option at time of registration.