Opening to Your  Joyful Self through Meditation, Movement and Journaling
with Mary Ann Iyer & Beeara EdmondsMA'sSunflowers

Immerse  yourself  in  a  dynamic  day  of  Meditative  Journaling  and  Authentic  Movement  –  combined  in  such  a  way  that  you  are  invited  to  deepen  in  your  awareness  of  yourself.  This  day  is   designed  to  foster  your  ability  to  open  into  your  Joy,  and  maintain  your  wisdom  in  your  daily   life.    Seasoned  instructors  Mary  Ann  Iyer,  MD  (Meditative  Journaling)  and  Beeara  Edmonds,   LMT  (Authentic  Movement)  are  your  guides  in  this  co-created  day  of  delightful  exploration.


Authentic  Movement:                                                                                                              Authentic Movement is a process that involves at least one witness and one mover. The witness is holding space in a neutral way so that what is moved can bare witness. It’s hard to explain, but having that witness does validate the expression in a powerful way. The facilitator/witness helps the movers to drop into a quiet internal space to access their authentic expression in the moment. Movement usually happens with eyes closed though if the mover makes big movements through the space we ask them to open slightly so that there are no injuries. Sometimes movement is big and yet sometimes it may be incredibly still or even no movement. Sometimes it can include some sounding or words but often not. Movers can go into the round of movement with an intention to gain clarity around an issue or simply be open to what naturally arises. Often something reveals itself in the process or at the very least, the mover is nourished by listening so deeply to her or himself. Beeara has been part of and led Authentic Movement groups since the mid ‘90‘s, recognizing their power to facilitate connection to one’s inner truth. No movement experience is necessary, only the willingness to listen to what the body wants to say.

Beeara Edmonds, LMT, BCST, has a private massage and craniosacral therapy practice in Corvallis. She received her BA in Dance & Movement Studies from Naropa University. She has been part of and led Authentic Movement groups since the mid ‘90‘s, recognizing their power to facilitate connection to one’s inner truth. No movement experience is necessary, only the willingness to listen to what the body wants to say.

Meditative Journaling:                                                                                                                     Mary Ann developed Meditative Journaling as a technique in the early 1980’s, and have led workshops for a wide variety of groups, facing issues as myriad as relationship issues, finding right livelihood and moving through writer’s block, to name a few. Introducing thoughtful questions into a meditative stillness invites individuals to delve into rich inner resources. Most of us already know the answers to the questions, tensions and pains that pester us. One of the bigger challenges in our time is to find or create oases of time and intention to go to that place where we already ‘know’.

In this process, she first supports you in becoming quiet and deepening to that place within yourself from which you can access the answers to your most perplexing questions. Through a series of self-reflective questions posed to the mind as we center and become silent within, you more easily hear your own Inner Wisdom. Journaling with this material anchors and deepens the process, and allows you to further your insights on the page.

Mary Ann Iyer, MD, MA is on faculty as instructor and clinician for OM Sanctuary, Asheville, NC. She teaches and mentors students on the Wellness track at Warren Wilson College and serves on the Advisory Board for Asheville Natural Wellness. Dr. Iyer has authored the books The Heart of Healing, and Mindful Eating: Mindful Life, and is the former medical director for the Division of Integrative Medicine for Samaritan Health Services, Corvallis.

Date:    June  22nd,  2014  (Sunday)

Time:  9:30  am  to  4:30  pm

Place:    Encore  Physical  Therapy,  Corvallis,  OR.

Cost:    $85  for  the  day-long  workshop*

Bring: Journals, pens, a blanket to lie on and any other props for sitting comfort. There will be some pillows and chairs but feel free to enhance your comfort with additional pillows or backrests.

*  Time  for  lunch  12:30  to  1:30  pm.  Restaurants  for  lunch  are  nearby,  or  consider  packing  a  lunch  for  this  event.

Contact:    Beeara  Edmonds  at   541-752-1997.    Space  is  limited;  so  registration  is  required.

download PDF flier here: Movement&JournalingWkshp


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