Thoughts on Vacation

It seems too many of us Americans work way too much and don’t realize how important rest, relaxation and time away from work can be. Or perhaps more accurately few of us are able to get enough vacation and time off. Just having returned from a blessed time away, I return relatively refreshed and ready to go. I was fortunate to be able to take nearly three weeks off (one of the advantages of being self employed as a massage therapist in Corvallis, OR) in a warm and hospitable land (Hawaii).

I realized though that if I were able to do it all again, , I would do it a bit differently. Instead of working extra hard before I leave town, I’d have tried to maintain my usual full schedule but no more. It’s a challenge to start out a trip with the fatigue and stress of working overtime. I also would make more of an effort to be “the lounger” while away, and not feel like I have to experience all of the sites and adventures that a new place can offer. Kicking back and doing little isn’t easy for me, but as I age, I know it benefits me greatly to do so. One other thing… I’d take my yoga mat. The costs of bringing extra luggage on air flights these days persuaded me not to, but I know my body would have been happier to be able to do those downward dogs that need that mat.

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