Support for your Respiratory System

Fall colorFall is the season of lung and large intestine according to 5 Element Oriental Medicine. Because of that, we may be a bit more susceptible to disorders of the lung such as colds and flus. Here’s a Jin Shin acupressure flow that supports the lungs. It also has some other positive effects, including help with anxiety, sleeplessness and balancing of hormones throughout the perinatal period. It’s a lovely very relaxing way to be with yourself before turning off the light in bed at night.

For each of the steps listed below, hold until either you feel resonance between the pulses of both spots that you are holding or you sense that it is time to move on to the next step. It can take from anywhere between one and 5 minutes for that to happen. As you hold these points, it’s very beneficial to tune into your body to sense how it may be responding.

  1. Place the fingertips of your right hand on the middle of your chest and fingers of left hand on the middle of the back base of your skull (the base of the occiput bone)
  2. Cross your arms and grasp both upper arms, fingers on outside of arm and thumbs on inside
  3. Hold the index finger of your right hand (with your left hand
  4. Hold your right ring finger (again, with your left hand)
  5. Hold your left index finger (with your right hand)
  6. Hold your left ring finger (with your left hand)
  7. Place your right hand on your pubic bone and your left hand on your coccyx (your tailbone).

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