Self Massage: a Great Way to Support Breast Health

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Every time we go to the doctor for our annual exam we’re reminded to do the self exam of our breasts once a month.  Great advice and how many of us really do it? Though it’s potentially life saving, it’s scary, touching our breasts looking for cancer.  And besides, what are we really looking for?  There’s lumps and bumps but what’s okay and not okay?

Perhaps if the focus were more in tuning in and loving our bodies, not so much about finding a disease, it would be easier to embrace our breast health.  If we massage our breasts on  a regular basis, we can get to know them and recognize changes in an environment of care and self nurturance instead of fear. We can also alleviate symptoms of discomfort that can be associated with monthly cyclical changes.

I teach women to do just this. Develop an understanding of the anatomy and function of the female breast throughout life’s cycle of growth and change. Learn a simple self care massage protocol that can bring relief to symptoms of breast tenderness and pain. These techniques provide deeply nourishing and soothing comfort as part of overall health maintenance. This workshop is offered in a safe setting where we can also explore some of the physical, emotional and cultural significance of the female breast.

Please note that this class is offered to women only, not because it’s not an issue for men.  Breast cancer can and does affect men as well.  But, for reasons of safety and comfort I teach in gender specific classes.  If you know of a group of men who would like this information, please contact me.

My next class will be offered November 16th in Corvallis.  Please call 541-752-1997 to register.  This class is a fundraiser so all proceeds above cost will go toward Community Outreach. Suggested donation: $25.

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